My Summer Internship 2006

June 19, 2006

Second assignment

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As I mentioned earlier in my post titled “My project” there are no fix standards for gasification. So I was asked to read the vast amount of literature, experimental data available in public domain and build a base so that we can work upon that. They also provided me a folder containing all the material (journals, technical reports) collected by them related to the field of gasifiers. I have been going through them for the past few days. Apart from that I have been searching for new, recent journals, research papers etc on internet.

Now I have finished reading of all the material that was already available and few more papers which I collected from internet. I will be starting the designing process soon.

In the last two weeks I completed one more assignment. The assignment was on “Fuel Analysis Management”. Thermax manufactures a large range of boilers & heaters using different fuels. When designing one needs to know characteristics values like GCV, ash content etc of fuel which are obtained after doing ultimate and proximate analysis. There are lots of test reports for each fuel specifying all this values but since they are not in soft format, so searching them is difficult. Also there are other values like slagging coefficient, fouling coefficient which are calculated using the test reports.
So the assignment was to develop a template in excel which can be used to manage all the fuel analysis and have an interface for getting other derived values in one go. So now one has to just select the fuel type and enter data for fuel and ash analysis and the template will return various other values and all this values can then be stored in the fuel database sheet which will act as fuel library for use in future designing.


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