My Summer Internship 2006

July 13, 2006

Modeling of Gasifier

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I have completed the design of lab scale coal gasifier and modelled all the parts in ProE. Now the only thing left is assembling of all parts which will be done next week.

I also got chance to attend a Tech Talk on “Scorpio – A Techno-Commercial Success”.
The speaker was Mr V.Jaganathan, V.P, Mahindra & Mahindra. The talk was very informative and gave insights about various things related to product design, management, manufacturing and marketing/launch of Scorpio.


July 9, 2006

Trip to TRDDC

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This week I went to Tata Research Development & Design Centre (TRDDC) to meet and discuss with Mr A.K Singh, who is head of R&D at TRDDC, about coal gasification.

During the week I also visited some more plants and continued working on my project on coal gasification.

June 25, 2006

Hands on Modeling & Simulation Packages

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This week I started training with modeling on ProE but it seemed that we have not been taught enough. So for the next three days I did different tutorials ( from beginner to advance user levels) and made
myself comfortable in working with ProE. After doing about 8-10
tutorials I was tested for my learning by being asked to model superheater coils in ProE. I was able to
do that. In the later half of the week I did tutorials on
ANSYS CFX 10 which is used for CFD analysis.
So overall the week was spent on working with modeling and simulation packages.

June 19, 2006

Second assignment

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As I mentioned earlier in my post titled “My project” there are no fix standards for gasification. So I was asked to read the vast amount of literature, experimental data available in public domain and build a base so that we can work upon that. They also provided me a folder containing all the material (journals, technical reports) collected by them related to the field of gasifiers. I have been going through them for the past few days. Apart from that I have been searching for new, recent journals, research papers etc on internet.

Now I have finished reading of all the material that was already available and few more papers which I collected from internet. I will be starting the designing process soon.

In the last two weeks I completed one more assignment. The assignment was on “Fuel Analysis Management”. Thermax manufactures a large range of boilers & heaters using different fuels. When designing one needs to know characteristics values like GCV, ash content etc of fuel which are obtained after doing ultimate and proximate analysis. There are lots of test reports for each fuel specifying all this values but since they are not in soft format, so searching them is difficult. Also there are other values like slagging coefficient, fouling coefficient which are calculated using the test reports.
So the assignment was to develop a template in excel which can be used to manage all the fuel analysis and have an interface for getting other derived values in one go. So now one has to just select the fuel type and enter data for fuel and ash analysis and the template will return various other values and all this values can then be stored in the fuel database sheet which will act as fuel library for use in future designing.

June 12, 2006

My Project

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From the perspective of energy security and environmental sustainability, highly effective uses for fossil fuel in energy industries are demanded. Gasification is one such way which will help in using coal more efficiently and cleanly.

In India a lot of work has been done in the field of biomass gasification but coal gasification has not gained much momentum. This situation is completely reverse of scenario in Western countries where big coal gasification plants are running successfully. These big power plants producing 100s of MW of electricity are based on IGCC. IGCC stands for Intergrated Gasification Combined Cycle.

There are again different methods of Coal Gasification like Lurgi’s, DESTEC, BGC etc but none of them can be used directly in India as our coal quality is low with high ash contents (upto 45%) whereas all these design are developed keeping in mind low ash content coal found in Western countries. So there is need for R&D to develop a coal gasification method best fit for Indian context.

Thermax Babcock & Wilcox , which is market leader in Boiler and Heater division are interested in entering this untapped market. But before entering they want to find out the effectiveness of Coal Gasifiers viz a viz Indian market and coal conditions.

My project is on “Coal Gasification” keeping in mind the Indian coal scenario. The field of gasification is one without any standard methods. There are lot of gasification techniques working at some places and failing at others. So the main part of project will be literature survey to make some base from where the next phase of project, selecting method most likely to suit (after modifications) to Indian conditions. After this I will get hands on training to various work tools like Pro/E , CFX etc which will be used subsequently. I will also be learning the basic approach for thermal designing of boiler.

June 5, 2006

First assignment completed

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In last week I completed my first assignment.
In this I was asked to design the two set of evaporater coils to be placed in-bed and above bed. It was a part of “Boiler Furnace Design” problem which was being worked upon by my guide. The evaporater being designed, was for use at a petroleum refinery and so few paramters like flow rate of oil being heated, inlet temp. and outlet temp. , oil properties etc were specifid by customer. Some paramteres were not available and so for that I took suitablea ssumptions (after consultation with my guide). While doing this assignment I found the various concepts learned in “heat and mass transfer” highly useful.

This assignment is important because after completing it I have understood the method of thermal designing which may be useful when doing my project on gasification.

June 2, 2006

Visit to Drum Shop

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The day before yesterday I visted to another plant where steam/water drums are being manufactured..

I understood the complete working of drum shop. The following are the main stages :-

1) Sheet is obtained and after getting tested by Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR) inspector layout is drawn on it. ( We don't get sheet of width more than 2.5 m in India) .

2) Now we send it for sand blast which helps in removing mill-defects.After that the  sheet is sent for rolling. The roling machines can roll sheets of thickness upto 75 mm.

3) Now the rolled sheet is sent for welding. There are three types of welding involved. SMA , SAW and Flux Coated arc welding.

In the first run manual welding is done. After that it is sent to automatic Submerged arc welding machine ( L  Seam welding). After that depending upon the drum length no. of drums joined and welded circularly ( C seam)

4) After this the partially made drum sent for radiography , where we check for defects in weld joint  .

5) Dish ends are not made in-house and are obtained from some vendors. Dish ends have man-holes for entry of technicians into drum.

6)  A lot of small auxilliaries are fitted inside the drum.  

After all these there are other processes like drilling of holes of pipe fitting. Hydrotesting, painting  etc .

May 22, 2006

Plant Visit

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On saturday afternooon I visted the manufacturing Plants. There are various plants for Boiler and Heater division like Panel Shop , Welding shop , Drum Shop etc.. I saw pipe bending machine, submerged arc welding machine which was welding pipes and strips into pipe panels (containing upto 50 pipes). I also saw plant where Packaged boilers, superheater were being fabricated.

Every where safety norms were being followed. Every person in the plant had safety helmet. I was surprised to find area very clean even though there was lot of work going on which invariably produces waste like welding , grinding of pipes .

The plant area was spacious with separate zones for each process. There were also charts indicated no. mandays lost , backlog , type of work going on etc..

I will be visiting other plants later on.

May 18, 2006

My Internship Details

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I am doing internship at Thermax Babcock & Wilcox (TBW) Ltd , Pune. TBW's product range covers a broad spectrum of latest designs of high efficiency Industrial Boilers in packaged (pre-assembled) as well as field erected configurations.

My internship is in Boilers & Heaters division . Again this division has many sub-divsions like engineering , fabrication, R&D etc.

I am in R&D division.

May 16, 2006

Hello world!

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Finally I too have started blogging … This blog is started as part of MET410 Practical Training.

I will be keeping it updated ( on weekly basis) with latest information about my internship.

Thnx for visiting

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